Promote, Manage and Grow Your Accountancy Practice

With the 64-8 CRM’s lead generation, email marketing, and Pipeline management dashboard, you can grow your Accountancy Practice faster than ever before.

Loved by Accountants like you Here's Why...

Limitless Contacts Import your existing database regardless of size

64-8 CRM allows you to import your entire existing database at no extra charge. therefore your costs wont increase as your database grows.

Data Top Ups Top up your existing data with new data bundles

Buy data top-ups of any size. Ease of integration makes marketing to small lists of prospects viable.

Inbound Lead Capture Capture Leads from your website

Maintain and track conversations, enquiries and conversions from everywhere by integrating 64-8 CRM with your web or landing pages.

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Send 100,000 emails per month for FREE Email marketing for Accountants at prices you have never seen before...

Promoting relevant messages to niche markets leads to a higher rate of return. Send multiple emails each month to multiple target markets with ease and watch your conversions sky rocket.

Spend time on the Leads and Contacts that will convert into clients

Easily find, edit or update leads and contacts stored within your databases. Track these with the greatest chance of closure, with ease. 64-8 CRM takes Data segmentation to a whole new level by letting you search based on any criteria you choose.

Businesses have their own use of terminology and stages that determine what actually qualifies a lead. 64-8 CRM is special because it lets you choose the terminology and stages that work best for your business and target industry.

Multiple Databases, Multiple Campaigns

Accountants  have niches markets that they serve and niche markets need specific messages.

With 64-8 CRM setting up multiple databases is simple, using them is powerful and offers unlimited ability to manage multiple businesses inside one single solution.

Never miss an oppourtunity again

Effortlessly book follow up calls, set appointments and reminders for internal or external teams. Our software is equipped with the smartest and most logical tools to help ensure an opportunity is never missed.

And lots more of powerful features perfect for Accountants...

From web forms & surveys, built in phone dialers, to giving you the added flexibility to import limitless amounts of data to market to at no extra cost the benefits of using 64-8 CRM is endless.

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